Miniature Photography at Todoroki Valley, Tokyo, Japan.

This weekend of September, me and violet visited Todoroki Valley here in Tokyo. It’s a small place in the city, a walk trail, where you are surrounded by the trees so much that you forget that you are still inside the city. The trail is not that long and there’s a river you follow with a bit of paved paths made with stones and wood.

I had just received the Nintendo Switch Link’s Awakening Amiibo in the morning of the trip. Put him in my bag and away we went. Other than to take a pause from life and enjoy nature, the idea was to create a story with Link travelling through the forest.

Photography done using Sony A7III with the Sony 85mm 1.8. 

Settings: Shutter Priority, Daylight White Balance, Auto ISO and shutter speed set at 800-1000.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. This guy is awesome!

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