You can find my Showreels and professional Resume here with relevant contact information. I strive to keep this page update with the latest information. I’m currently working on a new showreel, which will take some time. If my skills/services fit with what you are looking for, please get in touch.

Thank you for visiting. And a happy day to you.

Download Resume in PDF format.

Download Cover Letter in PDF format.

A quick look at few tools I developed at previous studios. Unfortunately, I cannot share the tools I have written at my current studio.  Download in PDF format.

We, at Marza Animation Planet, recently finished work on an Animated Feature “Lupin the Third: The First”. Here are the released sequences and trailers. I was involved in the Body/Prop/Facial Rigging and Tools Development/Automation.

This reel is based on my shot work at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore which included Rigging and Simulation. On the right is the full trailer for the movie.

This is my First Reel, now a decade old. This was one of the Reasons Lucasfilm found me.

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