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Download Resume in PDF format.

Tools Development

A quick look at some of the tools I have previously developed. Download in PDF format.

Character TD – Marza Animation Planet

Samurai Frog Golf – Short Film

An In-House short film. I rigged all the crows for this project.

Re-Dive: Princess Connect – Idol Anime Live Virtual Concert

Project Lead Rigger and responsible for coordinating with Animation and the Unity Tech Team for correct data flow.

Responsible for creating a complete motion capture workflow to transfer data onto mGear Rigs. This included blendShape animation data. Animation data were mapped using json dictionaries from original data to studio rigs data as specifications were very different.

Idol (アイドル, aidoru) anime and manga are a category of Japanese fictional media centered on idols, a type of entertainer in their teens and early 20s marketed to have a close relationship with their fans and commercialized through merchandise. 

List of idol anime and manga – Wikipedia
“Lupin the Third: The First” – Animated Feature

Worked on the full-length Animated Feature “Lupin the Third: The First”. Here are the released sequences and trailers. I was involved in the Body/Prop/Facial Rigging and authoring Tools for Development/Automation.
My biggest contributions were the FacialRig transfer tool and the face softMod system for facial rigs to enable animators to adjust the silhouettes of the characters to match their original manga designs.

CreatureTD – Lucasfilm Animation

Strange Magic – Animated Feature

This reel is based on my shot work at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore which included Rigging and Simulation. All the shots are my own. On the right is the full trailer for the movie.

Rigging Reel 2010

This is my First Reel, now a decade old.