You can find my Showreels and professional Resume here with relevant contact information. I strive to keep this page update with the latest information. I’m currently working on a new showreel, which will take some time. If my skills/services fit with what you are looking for, please get in touch.

Thank you for visiting. And a happy day to you.

* Resume, Pipeline Tools PDF Download links at the bottom

We, at Marza Animation Planet, just finished work on an Animated Feature “Lupin the Third: The First”. Here is the released teaser trailer. My contribution included Body/Facial Rigging and Tools Development/Automation.

This reel is based on my shot work at Lucasfilm Animation which included Rigging and Simulation.

This is my First Reel, now a decade old. This is one of the Reasons Lucasfilm found me.

Download Resume in PDF format.

A quick look at few tools I developed at previous studios. Unfortunately, I cannot share the tools I have written at my current studio.  Download in PDF format.

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