The Great Indian NCase M1

A Powerful Gaming\Workstation Build


A Machine I have built for my personal gaming and professional use. This article\Pictures are for my own records as well as anyone out there who may find it useful. I have been meaning to do this build since a long time now. Even before I heard about the NCase M1, the smallest case to allow for a full size gpu. I kept doing my research while working at a day job. I finally found time to build it when I took a break. Most of the parts were ordered from Amazon US. Some came from Japan through a friend 🙂 (Quite tempting prices there!) and some were bought locally here in Mumbai, India. At the time of making, I’m the only one in my country who has ordered, customized and built an NCase M1 PC. Feels proud thats why the vain title. 😉



My first priority is portability. I mean International portability, one where I can carry this through the airport. (I’m done with laptops. No matter how powerful my Alienware M17x R2 is). Secondly, a powerful gaming machine. This also serves my 3d work needs as I’m into animation. I need the power to develop heavy assets in Maya and other packages. Third and not the least, my machine needs to be quiet. I don’t mind a little bit of noise, I’m used to it frankly. But as this is my Best built Machine yet, I want quiet. No compromises.

I will start with listing the components first, giving a bit of my word/thoughts on each. I will also post some alternatives I looked at.

Let’s start.

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The Creative Spirit of Zina Nicole Lahr

This is one video that touches my heart. It’s as tragic as it is beautiful. The creative spirit of Zina Nicole Lahr is amazing. It saddens me to know she died so young during a hiking accident in Colorado. Bless her soul. Her self-diagnosed “Creative Compulsive Disorder – CCD” is something one should encourage in your own self. In any amount, in anything you desire.

All my life I have strived to take on challenges, have adventures that people used to underestimate me on, break the chains of my being. Many a times I’ve went through depressions, for my immediate inability to do the things I want to do. This video is one of the kind that inspires me and gives fuel to my stubbornness to live my life my way.

I strongly believe there’s good in people. The people’s response to her video has been awesome. A memorial fund was created for kids to help pay for their art classes in her home-town, Colorado. It’s a tribute to Zina, her legacy. This will be one of the greatest living memory for her family. To remember Zina.

# Found this video through Colossal
# Zina’s Portfolio

People are Awesome!

You have one life, live it. Go out, travel. Find your own kind of adventure. Do all things you love to do. See all things you love to see. Enjoy all the company you love to have (even yourself). Go crazy if you feel like it. Stay calm when needed. Experience and absorb the aura that surrounds you in any of your surroundings.

Apocalyptica – Hall of the Mountain King

A Killer score . Apocalyptica is awesomely hauntingly great. I’ve liked them since I heard their melodic instrumental version of “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica.

This one is “Hall of the Mountain King” score at its best. This score was in the movie The Social Network too. That’s where i first heard it. Original score created by Edvard Grieg in the 1800s.

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Maya on Linux Rants

One thing I really like about working on Maya in windows. All the UI’s(Tools, option Boxes, etc) open are native(attached) to the main Maya window (separable).
On Linux every damn UI sits on the taskbar cluttering the whole thing (I have lots of UIs open at one single point of time). Its really frustrating to see through all the tabs on the taskbar to get the specific UI I need. Some may find it not such a big issue but the thing is it really hampers the flow of work however tiny irritation it may be.
Not relevant to the topic but same thing I use hotbox for. I like to get every menu available at a click of a button & under my mouse pointer instead of traversing through the various modules.

Working with Maya all over the years, I like these small nuances and habits I have while working. Makes it fun. And personal.

Round-off decimal points in Python

Nice trick i found in python.

Lets say you want to round off(truncate) huge float numbers. e.g.

The command used is “round”

x = 5.75845848484
r = round (x,5) # 5 is the number of digits you want to keep after the decimal point.
print r
#Result : 5.75846 #

r = round (x,2)

print r
# This would give me:
#Result : 5.76 #