I bought the SteamDeck!

PC Gaming has been a major part of my teenage years. Then Playstation entered around the PS3 time, my first non-portable console. Most of my gaming has moved to it, for it’s eco-system, ease of use and other reasons. Anyways, that’s not what this post is about.

It’s been some time since I have gamed on the PC. Actually, a long time. A year ago, I built a new SFF PC, watercooled even (which was a challenge in itself). At that time, I put a Nvidia Geforce 3080 in it, so I tried a few games on it. But it never stuck, as it is my work PC, and I like to separate my work and gaming time.

When the SteamDeck was announced, I had little interest in it. Mainly because my gaming system being Playstation and the Nintendo Switch. I loved the idea of the SteamDeck but was not too eager for it. Then, when it actually launched, it took some time for it to arrive in Japan. Also, there was a weird system for the sale of it. It was not sold by Valve but through a third party, and that too with a hefty premium to the cost compared to US prices. All this reasons made me lose interest in it, if at all. I would wait.

One of my close friends in the US got the SteamDeck and we regularly talked about it. I shared my Library with him (he’s Family). I got a bit tempted but still held back. As I didn’t want another device in the house. We own a PS5, Nintendo Switch, PSVR2, PS Vita. One day, while outing and socializing with office collegues, a collegue mentioned he bought a SteamDeck in Akihabara directly from a shop. Instant interest! I wondered if the pricing has changed. I made up my mind to visit and check it out personally. Also, as I researched on the web, I realized that the lowest model of the SteamDeck actually was quite cost-effective even though it was expensive in Japan.

Travelling to Akihabara with my wife, I held the SteamDeck in my hand and it felt good. Way better than the ROG Ally that I tried in Yodobashi Akiba. All subjective of course but the SteamDeck felt so good. I already have a good gaming libary growing on Steam for almost the last 2 decades. So, when some of the reasons (especially the price) fell off, I bought the SteamDeck!

Here are the glorious photos of the gaming goodness that is the SteamDeck. I got the 64GB version, opened it up and slapped a 2TB nvme drive on it. It wholesome now!

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