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The Great Indian NCase M1

A Powerful Gaming\Workstation Build


A Machine I have built for my personal gaming and professional use. This article\Pictures are for my own records as well as anyone out there who may find it useful. I have been meaning to do this build since a long time now. Even before I heard about the NCase M1, the smallest case to allow for a full size gpu. I kept doing my research while working at a day job. I finally found time to build it when I took a break. Most of the parts were ordered from Amazon US. Some came from Japan through a friend 🙂 (Quite tempting prices there!) and some were bought locally here in Mumbai, India. At the time of making, I’m the only one in my country who has ordered, customized and built an NCase M1 PC. Feels proud thats why the vain title. 😉



My first priority is portability. I mean International portability, one where I can carry this through the airport. (I’m done with laptops. No matter how powerful my Alienware M17x R2 is). Secondly, a powerful gaming machine. This also serves my 3d work needs as I’m into animation. I need the power to develop heavy assets in Maya and other packages. Third and not the least, my machine needs to be quiet. I don’t mind a little bit of noise, I’m used to it frankly. But as this is my Best built Machine yet, I want quiet. No compromises.

I will start with listing the components first, giving a bit of my word/thoughts on each. I will also post some alternatives I looked at.

Let’s start.