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Children of Morta is really good. And addictive.

They try to mix genres and in essence, are successful. It’s an indie version of a tightly story-driven, action-RPG, hack-and-slash, dungeon crawler and a game with unique shared skill-sets done right.

Everything playable revolves around the family of Bergsons who are tasked with fighting the corruption oozing out of Mount Morta. The story is dripping in every scene, cut-scene and even in procedural generated dungeons. There are story events happening inside dungeons!

If you upgrade one character, you can unlock passive skills for all other Family members. For e.g, if you upgrade one char’s skills, he teaches the family about monsters weaknesses which increase your critical damage for everyone.

Repetitive-ness(if you want to grind) might be an issue in future as there are some same elements in multiple levels.

Also, I would have liked some lightheartedness in between. There’s a seriousness all the time. Of course, there’s a lot of cuteness and many events are just heart-warming, but some light humour would have gone a long way.

The narrator in the trailer is the narrator for the whole game. This was shockingly surprising for me. One of the best things I didn’t know before.

The art, wow! The art is great. Characters are pixel art and the environments seem like a mix of technology and organic.

Last thing, the cost is fair for this game. Even if you find flaws, it’s still is not a bad idea to buy. 

And also, this game has couch co-op for two.

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